Thursday the 26th of July is the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, celebrated by the United Nations and its prohibitionist affiliations.  This day has been ‘celebrated’ by some groups with public executions of drug users and by pushing an abstinence-only ideology for psychoactive substances.  ‘Support Don’t Punish’ was setup to counter the message of this day, to put forward a message of supporting drug users rather than punishing them and to support drug law reform that is informed by the evidence rather than by bare ideology.  The Australian Sex Party participated in Support Don’t Punish by holding Melbourne’s event, where volunteers from the party and from other organisations handed out small zip-lock bags containing mints and a QR code linking to the Sex Party’s new drug policy.  The new policy aims to address drug issues that are currently caused or worsened by prohibition, along with supporting the community of vulnerable or problematic drug consumers.