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Porn Panic! Don’t Under Estimate It

My book Porn Panic!, which was published in August by Zero Books, is an unusual book, and has had strong reviews - from those on both sides of the porn debate. The book charts attacks on pornography - in part from a personal perspective - and then takes a big step back to take a broad look at the state of our society today; and concludes that we’re not in a good place, nor moving in a good direction.

December 22nd, 2016|Categories: Issue 3, Latest News, New Eros Journal|

Vaping and Public Policy

Back in 2011, a West Australian vape retailer, Vince Van Heerden of Heavenly Vapes, experienced the full force of these defenders of health first hand. A discrete court order for search and seizure was obtained by the WA Department of Health, who sent three black SUV’s to his residence and spent an hour and a half ransacking his place, putting all of his hardware into big, black garbage bags. There was no warning for Vince or his family. Over the next five years, Vince spent over $100,000 battling the WA Department of Health over vaporisers. And in the end, he lost.

December 21st, 2016|Categories: Issue 3, Latest News, New Eros Journal|

Prop 60 Defeated

California, USA – The heavy-handed California Proposition 60 was recently defeated by more than a seven point margin. The proposition would have seen the demise of California’s adult film industry by making condoms mandatory to wear in all adult films. Thankfully due to the campaign by the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and the Free Speech Coalition, this backward law won’t come into place.

December 21st, 2016|Categories: Issue 3, Latest News, New Eros Journal|

Employment Contracts – Why Are They Necessary?

Employment contracts can be written, oral or a mixture of both. Written employment contracts are always preferable to oral agreements which are difficult to enforce, especially when disputes arise. Employment contracts are essential to any business and employers should use them as a tool to protect the interests of the business and to properly manage staff. Without employment contracts, businesses expose themselves to unnecessary and avoidable risk.

December 21st, 2016|Categories: Industrial Relations, Issue 3, New Eros Journal|
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