For full information on the Bill to form a regulator for medical cannabis, visit the Commonwealth Parliament website (Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014).

We will be making a submission to Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee and are looking to include your thoughts on the Bill.

Please email Nick with any comments, suggestions or feedback you have on the Bill to form a regulator for medical cannabis.


Brief summary:

The Bill outlines the rules that the regulator for medical cannabis will follow, separate from the TGA.
The Bill will allow the regulator to make:

  • A medicinal cannabis licensing scheme.
    • Allows for licensed persons to engage in (one or more of) production, transportation, manufacturing and provision of medical cannabis to authorised patients and carers.
  • Authorised patients and carers scheme.
    • Allows for individuals to apply to use or supply regulated medicinal cannabis products.
  • Experimental cannabis licensing scheme.
    • Allows for licensed persons to engage in the following for experimental purposes, producing, manufacturing, transporting, storing, providing or administering and performing tests on cannabis products.
    • Experimental purposes are those which develop and test varieties, improve cultivation, develop and test products, evaluate the efficacy or safety, improve methods of administration and perform tests, trials and other experiments relating to cannabis products.
  • Medicinal cannabis standards.
    • A standard may be in reference to the quality, quantity in container, characteristics or a variety of other established standards.
  • An import and export licensing scheme.
    • Allows for license holders to import or export cannabis or cannabis products into Australia.
  • And finally, provides a framework for the operation of the regulator, its powers, function and establishment.
    • The regulator consists of a Chair and five other members appointed by the Minister. Each member must be knowledgeable or have experience in one or more of the following fields: Medicine, pharmacology, palliative care, botany, horticulture, law, law enforcement, advocacy for patients and other users of medical services.

This Bill will set in motion the mechanism required to begin the regulation of medical cannabis.

Please send any comments or feedback you wish included in the Eros Association submission to Social Tonics Manager, Nick Wallis.