Saturday 7 November 2015

What a great day at the Alpha Girls lunch at the Merrywell. It began with John and Paul buying our first 2 bottles of bubbles, tipping the waitress and bearing gifts!!! How could we possibly fine them??? We did fine Ken Hill $100 – just because we love him!!! And David Watt donated $100 before we could fine him too!!! And our beautiful Simon attended too! Thanks boys!
With lots of Alpha Girls drinking Bubbles, Red Sangria (we drank it all and then had to have White Sangria), we all had a spectacular day. Thank you to all the attendees who brought along a gift for the raffle. Thanks Miss Fiona for the prize of Lunch with Fiona Patten at Parliament House. That was very well received!!!

We had lots of great prizes and raised a total of $910 for Sue Pryor of Naughty But Nice Underwood. Sue’s son Mack has been very ill for many years and has been in and out of Hospitals in Australia, Germany and now the USA trying to treat his specialized disease. Sue, we hope this money helps bring you all together for Xmas!! We ladies of the Adult Industry are proud to have helped a fellow industry lady!!!
Thanks Angela for flying down to Melbourne especially for the Alpha do, for all the amazing prizes you brought and for just being the beautiful you!! We had Margy from Adelaide, the Flirt gals from country NSW, and our youngest Alpha Girl ever…. Lola. Thank you to all our special Alpha Girls and the Alpha Boys that dropped by. We missed you Wendy and Sue!!!!

It was great to see you all and share some special time together, whilst helping someone in our industry.

I will be organizing new Alpha Girl badges, so if anyone wants one, pls email me on and I will put you on the list.

Suzy, Sue, Susie, Fiona, Ange, Angela, Margy

Mack’s Story

Mack was born with a genetic immune deficiency, similar to ‘The Boy in the Bubble’ only these boys also get cancers along with trouble with infections and bleeding problems. He underwent experimental treatment with a world-renowned Professor in Germany in 2009 and he and I travelled to Germany every 10 weeks for the next 4 years. But unfortunately this treatment actually caused leukaemia. 7 out of 9 boys treated have developed it to date. Mack was diagnosed with leukaemia in September 2013 and after 6 gruelling months of chemo and radiation he received a bone marrow transplant from his only brother in February 2014. He did very well and after a year was told he was in remission. 6 weeks later Mack collapsed at home and the leukaemia was found to have come back as a large tumour in his chest. He was given very little hope of survival in Australia so in May Mack and I came to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda Maryland in the USA for him to undergo a high-risk 2nd transplant. He underwent this on August 19. Mack has had a number of complications and setbacks but he is a fighter and we expect miracles from and for him – he is a kind, funny 20 year old who loves animals and never complains about all he has endured. He is currently in ICU with lung hypoxia and has been on a ventilator for the last 6 weeks. This has all been not only emotionally devastating, but financially devastating for our little family – the travel, the extended periods I have been unable to work and the various medical expenses outside of those covered under clinical trials have taken us to the point of trying to sell our house so we can continue. Mack’s brother Tate is also autistic so we have had to divide our family so that both our boys are cared for and supported. But of course we would do anything to try and save our Mackie.

Please send donations to Eros Association.