No not to the cops and not to the other side of the bed either! Just with regards my (Acting ) Chief Executive Officer position at Eros. It’s my last day in this post and a new CEO will emerge in radiant light on Monday to guide you all into the wilderness. More about that later.

It’s been a long and winding road at times. Eros is without a doubt the most successful adult industry association in the world. It sits somewhere on the spectrum between the Free Speech Coalition in America and the ETO in the UK. It started in 1992 when a group of adult traders decided that they’d had enough of government censorship of their X rated videos and they put together a not-for- profit association to fight all their government and political battles. They also charged the group with networking information amongst its members.

Twenty five years on and our initial CEO, Fiona, got herself elected to state parliament. So she had to resign. As her partner in crime for the past 25 years and Eros’ initial lobbyist and publisher, the Eros Board appointed me as Acting CEO until a new boss could be found. We’ll be making an announcement about that on Monday but I just wanted to say thanks for the mammeries to all the Eros members out there.

But I’m not going far. As was my career before I decided to accept John Lark and Ken Hill’s offer of filthy lucre back in 1988, I will now be editing the new Eros Blue Book which will be a step up from the Eros Journal of old and will act as the flagship media and networking agent for Eros. I will also be mentoring the new CEO and advising on whatever issues the Eros Board wants me to.

Eros is constantly evolving and changing. From the days of the late 1980s when it was called the Adult Video Industry Association, Eros has moved with the times. The fact that the association has managed to form a successful national political party with an elected member is just one more instance of how it is moving outwards all the time.

The Eros Board is now a very dynamic and hands-on beast. Being on the Eros Board these days is to be actively involved in the major directional decisions that the industry rather than making up the numbers at the AGM. I’d like to thank the Board and all Eros members for the opportunity to work with you all in the capacity as CEO and look forward to getting the first issue of the Australian Blue Book out. I’d also like to thank our designer and website editor, Ilia Chidzey, for her work which is as good as it gets.