”The Feed on SBS2 is putting together a forum-style program on Internet piracy. Specifically, The Feed will be asking if in the light of the Dallas Buyers Club/iiNet court case and the availability of video on demand services like Netflix Australia and Stan, is this the beginning of the end of widespread piracy? The conversation will also examine some of the “truths” about piracy (“Are Australians really are the world’s biggest pirates?” “To what extent, and which areas, are hurt most by piracy?”) as well as exploring some of the ethical issues around the topic (“What does it say about society that piracy has become the norm?”).

SBS are keen to include all sides of this argument in the conversation, and that of course includes content creators.

If you are an adult film makers who has an opinion on how piracy has impacted on their careers in the past 10-15 years, and what you think the future of piracy – and adult film production in Australia – will be. To begin with, it would be good to just have a casual background chat.

Contact Anna Watanabe directly on 0423 166 906 or email anna.watanabe@sbs.com.au